Photo, Matters.

Co-curated w/ Arash Fewzee, 25 E Gallery, New York

Philosopher and art theorist Peter Osborne mentioned three relationships of art and photography in his book Anywhere or Not at All: photography in art, photography as art and photographic art. As photography continuing reaching out with different forms in the art world, the line between photo and other mediums is diffused. Photographs as printed matter has long been regarded as objects, but how does that transform in the digital age? What other ways can photography break boundaries to be objects other than being printed photographs?

Photo, Matters. explores the idea of photography across multiple fields in physical ways: from photo as digital files to photo as archives, from flat documents to sculptural presentations, from photography by camera to photography without cameras, from traditional rectangular frames to irregular three-dimensional shapes, from being looked at to being played with… Moreover, these photographic works cruise the line between tangible and intangible characteristics of photography, to produce conversations across the exhibition space. 


Participating Artists:

Zeshan Ahmed

Sophie Barkham

Maryanne Braine

Siho Chang

Michael DiFeo

Arash Fewzee

Shannon Finnell

Miguel Gonzalez

María del Mar Hernández Gil de Lamadrid

Huang Guaier + Wang Runzhong

Isadora Rezende Waddington