Verge (Cursor) /  一个箭头带来的边界问题


The lamination of the history of human knowledge has led to us an unquestioned nod of developing science and technology. We take it for granted that science is the world of truth and technology is the synonym for the benefit. Humanity is confused in the meta-narrative of the universe. As virtuality has become stronger than ever, how can we defend the world that we live in as something can be called reality?

This project is to question the world we live in as something to be questionable. It is inviting the viewers to question the indistinct verge of virtuality and reality. When the mouse cursor pops out of the 2-dimensional screen and becomes an invader in our world, it not only surprises the viewers with a moment of illusion but also leaves them the discomfort about the real world. 

Cursor stickers in various sizes are handed out to people, and the surveillance video of the cursor performance can be downloaded by anyone — such actions are participatory, and at the same time breaking the boundary between artwork and life in the sense that this art piece is democratic and uncollectible.





Screenshots from the surveillance footages: 

© Guaier + Runzhong 2017
© Guaier + Runzhong 2017

Documentation of the performance

Cursor stickers

Performance (stage photos)