Ten thousand trials to become a good photo / 成为好照片的一万次尝试 




——贝尔纳 · 斯蒂格勒(Bernard Stiegler)





In this image-satiated, post-image era that we live in, image apparatuses become smarter and more automatic every day. It’s the “proletarianization” of the image-producing process (due to the development of photographic technology) that stands out as a problem, which brings to the “misery of symbols” as Bernard Stiegler said - the increasingly impoverished and shrinking meanings of images. Human beings fall into the sea of algorithms and grow into the endless consumers of images. 

We re-program the camera and let itself decide the time (when), exposure, composition, shutter speed, etc.—assemble multiple levels of époché about the photo apparatus—and select different subjects to refer to different fields of photography, showing the potential threats of automation and standardization of image-making: What/who decides an image is good? What makes up the concept of photography? What is the relationship between man and the machine in the future?