Photography / 摄影


Guy Debord once said, that when the real world becomes the spectacle of stacked images, imagery becomes the only thing that is real. Photography, is the exact perpetrator of this post-industrial spectacle.

Photography simulates, dismantles and re-creates the monumental work of Susan Sontag, On Photography, as nothing is left but "photo-" related words. The work acts as a ghostly shadow of the original book, leaving traces of manipulation and characteristics of the apparatus. The exploitation of words and objects makes "photography" become ambiguous - Is this a book or a series of images? Is this a self-manifesto of photography or an epitome of our age?


《摄影》这个项目对苏珊桑塔格著名的《论摄影》一书进行了挪用、消解及再创造,并试图由此反思和对抗(大众媒介中的)影像世界的冗余和肤浅。全书中除“photo-”为词根的词之外的文字、图像都被尽数铲除,留下了幽灵一般的文本和程式特性的痕迹(characteristics of the apparatus)。摄影在词与物的盘剥中变得模糊不定——这是一本真实存在的书还只是一系列的摄影影像?这是对于权威文本的消解还是影像的自我宣言?


Books (US English Version)

Prints (16 pieces selected from the whole project, various scales, 22x25 inches, 36x42 inches, 44x50 inches or bigger.)