Haptics and optics are supposed to working together intactly for us to know the world, but technology is gradually isolating them from each other by prosthesizing and functionalizing them. In Re-Touch, we challenge the absolute power of “seeing-from-distance” in the current vision condition, and use playful touch to dialectically rethink “seeing”, in order to reactivate the complex relationship of optics-haptics. We perform a play by utilizing body, touch screen, and handheld scanner, and subjectivity is opened to new possibilities by this play in the “zone of indeterminacy.” By making the result of our play into other people’s playground, the viewers are able to become the participants and generate their own “haptic-optic” images, re-stimulating the techno-alienated, programmed, and blunt bodies.


触觉与视觉在我们认识世界的过程中始终密不可分,技术却越来越使两者假体化、功能化从而愈发分离。该作品旨在打破摄影中有距离“看”的绝对统治地位,用“触”去辩证地反思“看”,重新激发视觉-触觉的复杂关系。我们围绕着身体、触摸屏、手持扫描仪(一种依靠直接触摸而生成影像的工具)而展开了一场游戏,主体也在因在这样的不确定区域(zone of indeterminacy)中游玩而得以敞开——世界的意义不应只是触摸屏背后程式化、语法化的反馈与预设,而应回到丰富的个人感官中去,并批判地反思与结合现有的视-触技术。