To Become / 身份


"There is, in my opinion, only one conclusion that may be drawn from the idea that the self is not given to us: we must create ourselves as works of art."

——Michel Foucault


“To Become” is a performance work that happens on WeChat, which is a Chinese social networking app that became popular since 2011. The “Moments” feature in this app is similar to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram’s timelines. The work tends to discuss topics of information, identity, privacy and surveillance in online space.



  1. Huang Guaier + Wang Runzhong are planning to use Wang’s personal WeChat account to practice a one-year performance.
  2. This action is taken place at 0:00 AM EST everyday.
  3. At this time, Wang’s account will copy the first post that’s on “Moments” in WeChat, and it will also copy that person’s profile picture, account name, and status.
  4. Every change will last 24 hours, and the whole performance is from 01/15/2018 to 01/14/2019.
  5. During this period, if you’re interested in observing and participating the performance, you’re welcomed to add WeChat account: 1770383103.



"从'自我不是给定的'这一观点出发,我认为只会得出一个结论:我们必须把自己创造成艺术品。 "

——米歇尔 · 福柯





  1. 黄乖儿+汪润中计划在汪润中的个人微信上做一次持续一年的行为。
  2. 这次行为以每天的美国东部时间(EST)0:00 AM作为打卡时刻。
  3. 在打卡时刻打开朋友圈,复制看到的第一个人的头像、状态及签名,并将自己的账号转变成其模拟物。
  4. 每次转变持续24小时,整个行为从2018.1.15进行到2019.1.14。
  5. 此次行为中,欢迎陌生人添加我的账号进行行为观察和参与,微信:1770383103



Documentation of the performance in 2015 / 2015年部分记录:

Documentation of the performance from 2018.1.15 - 2019.1.14