The Portrait of Screen / 屏幕肖像


Thanks to the help of Shihong Cheng, Taowen Pan, Di Wu, Xinyu Xu, HanYi, Xuefei Dai(Kiki), Owner of the Hotel and Shop, School Guard and so on... 


In this project, I started a crowd-funding project to support the realization of my idea. Then I looked for volunteers, communicated with them, and then made some changes to the surroundings of their computers based on my impression of them before finally recording one after another computer screens, cold and lonely, with screen-lit surroundings.

I hope the audience can, based the elements in each picture, conjure up an image of the computer’s owner, or even the content on the screen. It is also my wish that this series can give expression to the loneliness of modern people behind the daily hustle and bustle.

/ 在这个众筹项目里,我不断寻找志愿者,和他们交流,并在他们本来的电子荧幕的周围环境之上,介入我对他们的主观印象对环境稍作改变,最后记录这些冰冷孤独的荧幕和周遭环境。我希望这些元素能让观众猜想它们的主人的形象,甚至去猜测荧幕里会是什么样的内容。另外,我希望从这些人以及这些画面中,表达那种现代人生活中无比热闹却又孤独的感觉