Thanks to the help of Taowen Pan, Di Wu, Someet Beijing, Hao Baobao and so on...


Amorphous and crystal-clear, sugar is an interesting media, above all, its sweet taste is a natural source of happiness, bringing back all my cheerful childhood memories that sugar painting left me.

I initiated an activity called “Eat Your Feelings” and recorded the whole process.Volunteers I met online were invited to make their bothers into sugar painting and then bury these nuisances in their stomach. This activity not only gave participants a taste of the charm of traditional Chinese folk arts, but also help them find an outlet for their negative feelings.

/ 糖是一种很有趣的媒介,它可塑形,晶莹剔透,最重要的一点是,甜甜的糖能让我们感受到天然的幸福感。就像糖画给我的童年带来了无数的欢乐和甜蜜。

/ 考虑到糖让人幸福的特性,我想邀请人们参与进来,自己绘制糖画,体会传统文化和艺术的魅力。另外,我希望每个人能将自己的烦恼用糖画的形式画出来,最后再进行一次行为体验,吃掉自己的“烦恼”。于是我在网络中寻找到一些志愿者,开展了一次“吃掉你的烦恼”行为体验活动,并且记录了整个过程及最后的行为体验。